Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals must code the packaging of their products,such as: production date, expiration date, production lot number, shelf life and other information, in order to facilitate product identification, traceability, monitoring and so on.

MingYu lasers are used to apply such codes because of their ability to mark paper and board, glass and the plastics typically used in packaging, and will never fade, indelible, to improve product identification, monitoring, traceability, anti-counterfeiting ability . Especially for the pharmaceutical market, laser marking will never fade, indelible characteristics, but also to strengthen the medical market safety monitoring.


Laser applications in the food and beverage industry have the following advantages:

1、 non-toxic, pollution-free, pollution-free; low processing costs, printing ink without any supplies, without any smell;
2、fast, high precision, Stable performance; fine lines;
3、with continuous work ability.


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