Visual inspection system

Visual Detection System It is to use machine instead of human eyes to measure and judge. Visual detection means that the captured target is converted into image signal by machine vision product (that is, image capture device, which are divided into CMOS and CCD), transmitted to a special image processing system and transformed into digital signal in accordance with the information of pixel distribution, brightness. color, etc.; It is a valuable mechanism for production, assembly or packaging, by which image system extracts the characteristics of the target by calculating these signals so as to control the movement of the equipment in the field pursuant to the discriminant results.
Nowadays, consumption level is becoming higher and higher, and consumers are demanding more and more strictly for the products, so that any product flaw and defect will have a negative impact on its brand. Guangdong Mingyu Technology Co., Ltd. is keenly aware of the broad market prospects in the field of visual detection. In 2013, after introducing technical personnel and equipment through difficult technical outcome, the Ming Yu vision positioning detection and culling system was developed and successfully applied to famous enterprises, including Mentholatum, Liansu Pipeline, Li Bai Laundry and so on.