Carry on the past and carry forward the future -- Ming Yu company holds the summing up of 2015 and t

Release date:2018-04-04 16:56:20

At 9:30 Feb. 27, 2016, Ming Yu Company held the Summary of Work in 2015 and the Start-up Meeting of Work in 2016 at Guangzhou Headquarters. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Xiao Cong, Manager of Administrative Personnel Department. Ms. Li Ye, Chairman of the company, and Mr. Xi Jingyu, National Sales Director attended the meeting. All the staff of the company headquarters and the offices participated in the meeting. An assembly.


On the scene of the meeting, Chairman Li Ye made a summary report on the work of Mingyu Company in 2015. In the report, Chairman Li Ye summarized the achievements of the company in 2015, affirmed the work of all employees in 2015, and thanked everyone for their contributions to the company. At the same time, Chairman Li Ye also made clear the company's development plan for 2016, put forward the business objectives for 2016, and made a strategic plan for the company's future development direction. Chairman Li Ye hopes that all the staff will work with one heart and one mind, be tolerant and grateful, and actively engage in work, passionate work, create value for the company, but also create value for themselves.


Subsequently, Mr. Xi Jingyu, the National Sales Director, made an important speech to encourage everyone to develop, innovate and constantly enhance their professional value while doing their job well. They should be grateful and tolerant and learn from and exchange experiences with successful people. Finally, the heads of each department made a summary of their work in 2015, and put forward the work plan for 2016. The conference was solemn and lively, solemn and enthusiastic, and ended successfully in a warm and peaceful atmosphere.


Carry forward the past and future. As a scientific and technological enterprise in the field of industrial labeling laser marking service, along the way, Ming Yu has never forgotten the importance of service and value. The heart service, the new value, is Ming Yu's brand idea. Over the past 15 years, Ming Yu has always put products and services first, and constantly strive to improve, and strive to always give customers the best products and the most thoughtful service throughout the project design and equipment cycle. This is the driving force of Ming Yu's progress. It is undoubtedly the foundation of Ming Yu's future development.


The glorious 2015 has passed, and 2016, which is full of hope and challenge, is already coming. In the face of 2016, we are full of hope, passion, there are better products waiting for us to develop, a broader market waiting for us to open up, more magnificent career waiting for us to achieve, let us together with confidence and courage to create a more brilliant future Mingyu company.