Sino-Pack 2016 has come to a successful conclusion.

Release date:2018-04-04 16:51:50


The 23rd China International Packaging Industry Exhibition (Sino-Pack 2016) ended successfully at 16:00 p.m. on March 4. The exhibition attracted a large number of domestic and foreign industrial packaging industry and the Internet of Things logo industry manufacturers to pursue. The equipment and technology of each major manufacturer competed with the same stage and displayed their elegant demeanor. A flourishing industrial packaging event was staged, which made the admirers from all walks of life full of joy.


Guangzhou Mingyu Label Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Mingyu") participated in the whole exhibition, and in this exhibition harvested quite a lot.


Heart service, new value - constant pursuit of Ming Yu!


Ming Yu company is also taking this exhibition as an opportunity to get together with new and old customers from home and abroad. Ms. Li Ye, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mr. Xi Jingyu, Sales Director, have been stationed at the booth throughout the exhibition, have in-depth discussions with the guests, share the advantages of Mingyu's equipment and cutting-edge technology, convey Mingyu's brand concept of "heart service, new value" and look forward to Mingyu's development blueprint.


Since its inception in 2001, Ming Yu has always emphasized the importance of service and value, and has always put products and services first, striving to provide customers with the best products and the most thoughtful service throughout the project design and equipment cycle. This is the embodiment of Ming Yu's value. At the same time, Ming Yu has always followed the core values of enterprises and social responsibility, through a variety of channels, adopt a variety of ways to save costs for customers, improve efficiency, and strive to create more value-added for society and customers.


Ming Yu new products appear on the pounds!


In addition to the exhibition of self-owned brand laser marking machine, inkjet printer, non-marking body and automation production line, new Maca ID and MEEYO brand laser marking machine also weighed heavily in the exhibition, received widespread attention and praise from customers.


Maca ID laser marking machine


Ming Yu launched the brand new domestic agent in 2016. After in-depth research, Ming Yu integrated market information, customer needs and manufacturer's suggestions and other resources, on the basis of Ming Yu's own brand laser marking machine developed.


MEEYO laser marking machine


Ming Yu launched a brand new overseas agent in 2016. After a long period of overseas market research, Mingyu frontline service personnel integrate the needs of overseas customers and manufacturers, especially in Southeast Asia.


Ming Yu people - the perfect interpretation of core values.

Sino-Pack 2016 scene, Ming Yu's figure is everywhere. They are satisfied, enthusiastic, dedicated to explain Mingyu products to customers, patiently and meticulously display Mingyu technology for customers, they use practical actions to perfect the interpretation of Mingyu's core values - focus, quality, innovation, service.