Ming Yu carries out the training of "making love with gratitude and being a man".

Release date:2018-04-04 16:50:01


In order to improve the basic quality of employees, enhance their sense of belonging and gratitude, the training was conducted by Mr. Li Qiang, the manager of the administrative personnel department.


Employees have conducted an innovative training program, which is a large-scale professional mentality training conducted by the company, and also by the administrative center Li Jing


The theme is "caring for your career and being grateful for your life".


Leaders of the company attach great importance to this training, hope that all staff through this training, form a "Ming Yu people" sense of belonging, and enhance team awareness.


We should strive to achieve personal value and become a responsible person for enterprises and society.


While training is carried out, the individuals with outstanding performance are commended. This is a kind of encouragement, it is also an honor, Ming Yu logo, because


You are more wonderful!




(Mr. Li Qiang, manager of the executive center, presented a photo with the excellent employee Award).


During the training, Mr. Li Qiang made the idea of Thanksgiving deeply rooted in the hearts of the people through humorous explanations. The trainees all said that the training made them feel the essence.


God's shame, I will follow the requirements of this training, with full enthusiasm and strict sense of responsibility into the future work.